Scandinavian wave

For one whole month the citizens and guests of St. Petersburg had the opportunity to learn about and actually experience all the wonders of Scandinavian way of living.

Almost everything that people usually do in the city could be done Scandinavian style. If you are going to a gallery, go to the exhibition of Norwegian photographers or New Nordic Comics. If you are looking for clothing for the next season, don’t forget to visit Hellooks exhibition first. If you are going to the movies, go to the Swedish film festival. If you are going to a club, go to Festival of Finnish music, or if you prefer classical music, you can visit one of the opera or symphony concerts performed by the Scandinavian orchestras. If you are going to a restaurant, go to one of the 20 restaurants participating in the New Nordic Food program. Also different lectures, the Educational Fair, the International Innovation Forum and public documentary film showings – all offered the opportunity to learn a lot about life in the northern countries.

This opportunity was given to the citizens and guests of St. Petersburg by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Information Office, with the support of Promaco. The single stylistic conception, developed by Promaco for the Week of Northern Countries in St. Petersburg, is done in calm and secure black-and-blue colours, which correspond with the Scandinavian ideals. This conception united all the visuals: posters, brochures, postcards, information leaflets. Promaco organized a press-conference for St. Petersburg media, print and electronic.

Besides that, Promaco created the website www. nordicweek. ru, which was designed to help everyone to find their way among all the interesting events that were held during the Week. The website and newsletter distribution were supported by the innovative platforms EasyPage and EasyMail. Promaco also organized a huge campaign at the social networking sites, which attracted a lot of people interested in the Scandinavian lifestyle. VKontakte group “Northern countries in St. Petersburg” gave its members the chance to discuss the events, which impressed them the most, to share their thoughts and ideas, to give advice on what to see, what to visit and what to eat during this Week.

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Scandinavian wave