Самый дорогой человек / The dearest person

I want to tell you about one of the best person in the world. It is my granny. She was born in 1930. So, she was only 11 when the Great Patriotic war began. She said that the war was the tragedy for the whole Russian people. It brought with itself pain and loss, cruelty and destruction. Her father didn`t come back home, the elder brother became invalid, the fascists wanted to send her and other girls to Germany. That`s why she doesn`t like to remember that time. She always says: “Let that time wouldn`t come again”

After the war my granny went to school, but not finished it, because she didn`t have any clothesand there was nothing to eat. She had to work in spite she was so young.

And now she doesn`t sit without work. Her hands, so kind and sweet, always find the work. They either knit or cook. She cooks so delicious pies!

My granny is so wise. She has a golden heart. She always gives me good advices. She can solve all my problems. And how many interesting stories she knows!

Now she is ill and I` m upset.

I love my granny very much and want her to live for a long time!

Самый дорогой человек / The dearest person