Russia’s 26,000 stray dogs need your help

Target: President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev
Sponsored by: Concerned Citizens

Over the years, Russia has become known for its large population of stray dogs. In fact, you may have seen YouTube video of one of its countless strays riding the subway cars. The videos are endearing.

But, as cute as the videos may be, the fact is that Russia is having a tough time addressing its stray animal issues.

The question is – what do you do with them? The president of Russia thinks it is to move these dogs outside of city limits into a facility approximately 150 miles outside of Moscow.

There is grave concern that this facility is not to be trusted. Many are certain that a cramped facility like this will spread disease and will end in death for most dogs.

We must contact the president and let him know that this is not the answer for the country’s strays and ask for a commitment to abandon this plan. He must work together with local animal welfare groups to ensure the health and well-being of these dogs for the long-term.

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Russia’s 26,000 stray dogs need your help