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Art, architecture and culture join with virgin wilderness and sun-splashed beaches, making Russia truly an adventurous travellers wonderland. From the volcanoes and geysers of Kamchatka, through the Siberian taiga to the mineral spas around the Black Sea coast, it cannot be said Russia has nothing to offer the average tourist. But figures cited by tourism… Read Article →

In the early 1300’s, Prince Yuri of Moscow married the sister of the Golden Hordes khan (ruler). Yuri was appointed the Russian grand prince about 1318. Mongol troops helped him put down threats to his leadership from other principalities. The Mongols also began letting the grand prince of Moscow collect taxes for them. This practice… Read Article →

Russia is the largest countries in the world. It occupies about one-seventh part of dry land. It is situated in Europe and in Asia. It`s total area is over 17 million square kilometers, with population of 200 million people. There are 1,030 towns and cities in this country. Moscow, with 9,5 million people, is it`s… Read Article →

Russia’s parliament, which is called the Federal Assembly, consists of a 450-member lower house known as the State Duma and a 178-member upper house called the Federation Council. The State Duma makes the country’s laws. The Duma’s proposed legislation must be approved by the Federation Council and by the President before becoming law. However, the… Read Article →

It is not known when Moscow was first settled. The first recorded reference to the town is in an early Russian historical chronicle under the year 1147. At that time, Moscow was a possession of Yuri Dolgoruky, a Russian prince who ruled the surrounding region. The town lay on important land and water trade routes,… Read Article →

It is the largest country in the world. It covers the total area over 17 million sq km. The Arctick Ocean in the north, the Black, Azov and Caspian Seas in the south; washes the country by the Bering sea, sea of Japan and Okhotsk in the east and in the west by the Baltic… Read Article →

Saint Petersburg (population nearly 5 million), formerly Leningrad, is Russia’s second largest city. Only Moscow, the capital, has more people. St. Petersburg is a major Russian port and one of the world’s leading industrial and cultural centres. The city lies in north-western Russia, at the eastern end of the Gulf of Finland, an arm of… Read Article →

St. Petersburg is a city of magic beauty, a city of white night, broad straight avenues, green parks, countless bridges and canals. The greatest architects of the 18-th and 19-th centuries created magnificent ensembles in our city. St. Petersburg reminds some visitors of Rome others of Paris, Vienna or Amsterdam. But really there is no… Read Article →

Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation, the biggest state in the World, It is a political, economic, commercial and cultural centre of the country. It is one of the youngest capitals of Europe. It is believed that Yuriy Dolgoruky founded Moscow in 1147. Gradually, the city became increasingly powerful. At the beginning of the… Read Article →

Red Square lies just outside the Kremlin walls. This large plaza, about 1/4 mile (0.4 kilometre) long, took its name in Russian from an old word meaning both beautiful and red. Huge military and civilian parades were held in Red Square in order to celebrate various special occasions. Opposite the Kremlin on Red Square is… Read Article →

Moscow is governed by a City Soviet (City Council) of about 500 deputies elected to five-year terms. Each deputy represents an election district called a ward. Before 1990, only one candidate ran for election in each ward. The candidate was elected unless most voters crossed his or her name off the ballot. In the March… Read Article →

Federation – Государственная система власти в Российской Федерации Federation – Государственная система власти в Российской Федерации In 1992 – shortly after the Soviet Union broke up – Russia established a transitional (temporary) government headed by Boris N. Yeltsin. Yeltsin had been elected president of the R. S. F. S. R. in 1991. After the break-up… Read Article →

Russia lies in the eastern part of Europe and the northern part of Asia. The vast territory of Russia is washed by the Arctic? The Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Russia borders on Mongolia, China, Finland and other countries. Russia is rich in deposits of minerals. Mineral resources of Russia include oil, gas, coal, iron,… Read Article →

Peter the Great founded the city as St. Petersburg in 1703. He had visited Western Europe and wanted to bring Western culture and technology to Russia. He made St. Petersburg his “window to the West” a showcase for his efforts to westernise Russian life. Western architects played an important role in the city’s construction. In… Read Article →

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