Rosa khutor freestyle skiing center and the snowboard park

Snowboarding and Freestyle competitions at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be held to the West of the Rosa Khutor plateau.
Freestyle skiing is an acrobatic form of technical and aerial skiing. Aerialists ski off 2-4 meter jumps, usually built of wood, sometimes metal and then covered with snow, that propel them up to 6 meters in the air (which can be up to 20 meters above the landing height). There are two varieties of aerial skiing competitions: upright and inverted. In upright aerials, movements in which a skier’s feet come higher than his or her head are illegal. This is the most common type of aerials competition for junior competitors. In inverted aerials, skiers execute elaborate somersaults and twists.
Aerial skiing is a judged sport, and competitors receive a score based on jump takeoff (20%), jump form (50%) and landing (30%). A degree of difficulty (DD) is then factored in for a total score. Skiers are judged on a cumulative score of two jumps.
Mogul skiing is a type of freestyle skiing where skiers ski terrain characterized by a large number of different bumps, or moguls. Moguls are a series of bumps on a trail formed when skiers push the snow into mounds or piles as they execute short-radius turns. They can also be constructed (seeded) on a slope for freestyle skiing competitions or practice runs. Since skiing tends to be a series of linked turns, moguls form together to create a bump field. At most ski resorts certain pistes (trails) are groomed infrequently or left completely ungroomed to allow moguls to develop. Mogul trails that can be groomed are usually groomed when the moguls get so big and the troughs so deep that the moguls become difficult to ski on or around. Some mogul fields are also groomed when they become too icy or too hardened to ski safely and enjoyably. Many times a section of a trail will be left ungroomed and allowed to bump up to prevent skiers from gaining to much speed and getting out of control.

/> There is also a special type of skiing that is executed with fixed-heel bindings. This is snowboarding. Snowboarding is a sport that involves descending a slope that is covered with snow on a snowboard attached to a rider’s feet using a special boot set onto mounted binding. Snowboards are boards, which resemble a wide ski, with the ability to glide on snow; and they can be used in freestyle competitions too. One of the main competitions where they are used in is half-piping.
Half-pipe is a Winter Olympic sport, the competitions which are held in a special construction of a concave structure, covered with snow, with two opposite slopes and the space between them, allowing athletes to move from one wall to another making jumps and doing tricks at every move.
Half-pipe is made of dense snow or dug in the ground and covered with a layer of snow. To create the correct geometry and the radius a snowcat with special nozzles is used. This structure resembles the ramp for skateboarding, height of the walls of which is more than 3 m and its length exceeds 80 m. It is built on the hill with a slope, so you can accelerate from one wall, and to fly along the radius from the other, do the trick and enter in the same radius, go back and take the next trick on the opposite wall. Half-pipe of large sizes, typically used in very serious competitions, is called Super-pipe.

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