Роль книги в моей жизни / The role of a book in my life

We go to school, we study to read and write, we start “to be friends” of books. What can be more entertaining, than reading of a good book? Reading, you get in the mysterious and magic world, you are transferred to the remote past or the future.

Our teacher tells that books can answer on many our questions, force to think and empathize heroes. I am very fond of reading books of modern writers such as Rasputin, Belov, Astafev; they tell about our contemporaries, show, how children act in this or that situation, what problems are rising before them.

I like very much the hero of the story of ValentineRasputin”Lessons of French”. The writer shows a talented boy with a difficult life. The power of a child amazes me. I was amazed with a phrase of the boy that he could not imagine to come to school without homework.

And what is doing now at school? Many children do not do tasks by months, hope for their comrades, and neighbors on a school desk that those will allow to copy, will help on test.

There are a lot of books; they teach us sciences, help to be guided with a life. I like to read books, they help me at school.

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Роль книги в моей жизни / The role of a book in my life