Рецепты жизни / Recipes of Life


If you are here in this page I want to warn you. I am not going to write a dimensioned work about the idea of existence or raise social and moral problems. So those who think that is a pile of pants which obstructs the server and brains, don`t waste your time. You won`t find out something mind-bending =))) I just want to teach you how to cook the life…

Are you still with me so far? Then take your curious look to the screen and digest what I mean. Imagine you are in the kitchen and in front of you there is a book or recipes. So let`s open and read!

Recipe 1.

Ingredients: 2 in Maths, 2 in Physics, 1(!) for misbehavior.

A wonderful set, isn`t it? Mix these altogether. And what do we have now? 2+2+1=5. You are such a smart baby! -)))

Recipe 2.

Ingredients: Object of adoration, your smashed to smithereens heart.

Routine matter. Melt your timidity and don`t pay attention that object gives you nothing in return. His/her love for Lineage/hamsters doesn`t inborn! =)

Recipe 3.

Ingredients: no money, empty fridge, wore out jeans.

If you become another victim of the financial crisis that is not to say that you should spread upon a plate like sodden noodles. You face the same troubles brilliant minds of our planet faced. Have you ever tried to write poetry or paint portraits (I am sure there is one of you mother, created when you were 5)? Who knows maybe you are a hidden genius!..

And for the last (but not least) bit I want to add that salt of life is that it is not sugar, but sugar is also not Salt!!! Always keep this in consideration and turn the world into your oyster!


Рецепты жизни / Recipes of Life