Рецензия на фильм Сумерки / Review of the film Twilight

“Twilight”, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, is based on Stephenie Meyer`s book. The main character, Bella, is a young girl, played by Kristen Stewart, risks her life and the lives of others because she falls in love with Edward (Robert Pattinson) – a vampire.

The film centres on Bella (Kristen Stewart) who falls in love with a vampire without realizing that fact. Soon she discovers the truth herself; moreover she is not afraid of Edward though he wanted to drink her blood when he saw Bella for the first time. Edward even rescues Bella, helping her to realize the life of an ordinary person, a human being and at the same time he needs to control his wishes.

“Twilight” covers the problems of young people, relations, love, and attitude to each other; some critics say that it is a romance and fantasy for young generation, who wish to enjoy the ideal love story. Nevertheless, this is all done in a fantastic way with the performance of the characters. Robert Pattinson is brilliant in his role and adorable in his emotions he represents in the film.

If you desire to watch a triumph of Love and like love stories, then I would recommend it, in view of the fact that this is a classical love story with adventures of the main characters. Probably “Twilight” is not excellent but the performance of K. Stewart and R. Pattinson is really worth watching.

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Рецензия на фильм Сумерки / Review of the film Twilight