Reasons why i hate valentines day

Reasons why I hate valentines day
Oh yes, its that time of year again, where all the single people feel inadequate and alone again. YAY!

1. If you have someone you love, you should be showing them you love them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Don’t wait for a day that society tells you to show them. Love should be appreciated ALL THE TIME.

2. Its obviously just another excuse for stores to make money by exploiting people and selling people useless stuff & novelty items which are generally unwanted and thrown away. How many different types of fucking stuffed animals can they make with the words ‘I Love you’ on it? Exactly. Don’t even get me started on the resturants….

3. It reminds me of the fact Im single. And have always been single. Can anyone beat my record of 20 years straight without a valentine or boyfriend on valentines day? Yeah didn’t think so. Every year I secretly hope to myself that its my year and I will have someone this year. But no. Never happens. Of course it doesnt. Its me, its never going to happen.

Anyone else DESPISE this day as much as I do?

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Reasons why i hate valentines day