Развитие техники / Technology development

Modern technology has spread almost all over the world. It has become really indispensible in our busy activity.

Firstly, machinery makes our life easier. For example, with the help of a computer we can find the information which is necessary without a waste of time. I do not mean books and other sources are useless, I just want to say that using the Internet is quicker. At the same time, books are less likely to provide us with unauthentic material.

Secondly, modern technology gives us a wide range of amusements. Those are both listening to music and watching entertaining programmes, both playing computer games and a possibility of communication with people even at a great distance away from each other.

From the other hand, this innovation can also have a negative Influence on people. First o all, it is a lack of mobility. For instance, instead of getting to work on foot, the majority prefer to use public transport or their own car. Therefore, getting into the way of dealing with technology we forget about our health. But motion activity strengthens the immune system and intensifies a resistive capacity of our organism to stress.

Apart from that, an application of modern contrivances in place of development intellection may lead to mental degradation. Many teenagers would rather make even the easiest computing on a calculator than count in their head.

To conclude, we should use modern technology within reasonable limits. Then it will benefit us not doing any harm.

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Развитие техники / Technology development