Английские топики по теме: Путешествия

From early ages people like traveling. In the past traveling was very dangerous, but it didn’t stop explorers to investigate our planet. If I am asked a question “Where would you like to go”, I can’t answer this question immediately. It’s a difficult question for me, because I’d like to go wherever I can. We… Read Article →

Most people enjoy travelling. Some travel for pleasure, and some-on business; some travel light, and some take a lot of luggage on their travels, journeys, voyages or trips. They may choose various means of travelling transport and go: by plane, by land, by sea, by car, by train, by boat, by bus, on horseback, on… Read Article →

Employees of different countries usually go on business trips. Any firm chooses only best export for it. Companies can arrange such trips both in and outside the country. There are many reasons of going on business there are to make a contract, to discuss different terms of delivery, payment or shipment, to have tests, to… Read Article →

Millions of people all over the world spend their holidays traveling. They travel to see other continents, modern cities and the ruins of ancient towns, they travel to enjoy Picturesque places, or just for a change of scene. It`s always interesting to discover new things, different ways of life, to meet different people, to try… Read Article →

Traveling is an essential part of any business. Even with new communication technology business people have to travel much as it’s particularly important to establish good face-to-face relations with partners, suppliers and customers. The top priority for business travelers is good organization of their business trip. Generally, that is the responsibility if a Secretary of… Read Article →

In our time, life is not so interesting and exciting as it can be. The world has become a bland and safe place. Each day is like another and we are so tired of such life. People in the past used to risk their life by hunting animals, taking part in expeditions. We need some… Read Article →

People of our planet can’t live without travelling now. Those who live in the country like going to a big city and city-dwellers usually spend their holiday on the beach or in the mountains. People can travel by plane, train, boat, car and on foot. Traveling by plane is very comfortable and convenient method, but… Read Article →

When I was 13 years old, my Mum took me abroad to have a rest and to see Europe. I fell in love in Italy. It was very magnificent country: Rom, Florence, Venice, Vatican, Pisa. Those cities were naturally connected with ancient time, with history. Small streets, the antiquarian markets, old bridges. I associate it… Read Article →

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