Путешествие / Travelling 1

Travelling is one of my hobbies. It is a way of experience which combines scope enrichment with vivid impressions.

For the first time I went for an outing in the second form with my classmates and a teacher. While learning at primary school, I visited many interesting places such as the Museum of Biology, an estate-museum of a painter Vasnezov, a wtiter`s Chukovskiy memorial estate, a factory of Christmas-tree decorations, a factory of china and many others.

However, an excursion to the Museum of Forest seemed the most interesting for me, as I have always been inerested in nature. We were shown huge pine cones about twenty centimetresin length and ten centimetres in width. Another curious thing was an artificial sinuous rill, running across two rooms of the museum. It was Gracefully finished with small stones. At the same time, the rill looked like natural. Apart from that, we saw stubs of trees which had lived more than two hundred years, stuffed animals.

A three-day journey to St. Petersburg was not less impressive. I and my classmates visited the Palace of Pavel I, the Hermitage Museum, which is a world-famous museum. Apart from that, I managed to see grandiose Petergof with its deligtful fountains.

To conclude, travelling gives us vast opportunities to learn more about culture of various folks and get inspired with their traditions and customs. It can also make a difference to our everyday life, help us get away from fuss to enjoy full-fledged recreation.

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Путешествие / Travelling 1