Public places. (phrasebook)

At a hotel
What hotel are you staying at?
There is a room reserved for me.
Do you have a single (double) room?
Give me please the room key.
How much does the room with bath (with breakfast, without breakfast, with full pension) cost?
Where and when can I have breakfast?
Wake me please at…
Where can I get… cleaned (ironed)?
Where is the hotel situated?
Is it possible to book a room in…
Is there air-conditioner (TV, phone, fridge) in the room?
This room will (won’t) do.
On what floor is the room on?
I’m going to stay for one day (a week).
Is there any cheaper (better) room?
May I leave… in the safe?
We need electricity (water).

How much does it cost?
What time does the shop open (close)?
Where is a toy (electric appliances, milk) department in this store?
Where can I buy… ?
I want to buy…
Do you have… ?
Show me that tape (CD, book), please.
Give me, please…
Where shall I pay?
Could you, please, pack (wrap) it up (for me).
Wrap it up all in one (separately), please.
Could you put it into a plastic bag (paper bag)?
Can I pay with my credit card?
Could you please show me something else?
I would like to change (return) it.
My size is…
May I try it on?
Could you please bring… one size bigger (smaller)?
Give me please a hundred grams of cheese (one kilo of peaches).

At the restaurant
Bon appetit!
Serve us as quick as possible, please.
What dessert would you like?
The bill, please.
That tastes a bit nice (sweet, salty, spicy).
That tastes a bit bitter (disgusting).
Would you like something to drink (eat) ?
Let’s have a table by the window (in the hall, on the terrace, under the shade).
Two Coca-Colas (beers,

pints, cocktails, coffees), please!
I can’t tip (because I didn’t like the service).
I am on a diet.
I pay for all.
Everyone pays for himself.
The bill, please.
There is a mistake in the bill. (The bill is incorrect).
Would you like something else?
This glass (knife, cup, plate, fork, spoon) is dirty!
What do you usually eat for breakfast (lunch, dinner)?
I am very hungry (thirsty).
Let’s have a breakfast (lunch, dinner) in a restaurant.
I’d like a steak (some fish, some pork).
Help yourself, please.
Take some more…
No, thank you. I am not hungry anymore.
I don’t eat meat. (I am a vegetarian.)
It is oversalted (overboiled, overdone, not fresh).
What do you drink with fish?
What is your favourite food?
My favourite food (drink) is…
The food of what country do you like?
What would you like, tea or coffee?
What sorts of wine do you like more, red or white (dry, table)?
Do you want to smoke (to have a drink)?
May I have a cigarette?
Your health!
Let me drink to success (our hosts, your hospitality)!
Please prepare your passports.
Your passport, please!
Have you got a visa?
What is the purpose of your trip?
How long are you going to stay here?
I am a tourist (on a business trip, on an unofficial visit).
Do you have anything dutiable?
Import (export) of these goods is prohibited.
I’ve got admittance (export permit).
I have my personal belongings only.
Should I mention these things in my customs declaration?
Open your suitcase (trunk) please.
Please show your customs declaration.
I’m going with a tourist group.
Call the head of the (tourist) group.
I’ll be met at the airport.
I have nothing to declare.

On the beach
I fell asleep in the sun and got badly burnt.
Are you a good swimmer (surfer)?
Sunglasses don’t really help.
I forgot to bring my sunglasses (umbrella, bathing suit, towel, cap).

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Public places. (phrasebook)