Прошлой ночью мне приснился сон / Last night I had a dream

Last night I have a dream. I was in a giant city above the earth. I have been there for two days. I was walking along the streets and was shocked by buildings, people and transport.

To begin with all buildings were of different shapes and made of strange materials. By the way I was surprised by some floors under the ground. They were neither shops nor banks or offices. Though they had huge monitors with useful information. Late at night the city stood high in the space. It was great to look out of the window and see coloured lights of flying satellites, spaceships and stars.

People were friendly, peaceful and… lazy. I simply envied them becausethey were not in a hurry. I didn`t see the schoolchildren, may be they didn`t go to school, I guessed. I was right. They got knoweledge from the Web. They didn`t leave their modern flats and they only sat on the sofa and did the tasks.

I made a friend with a boy of my age. He invited me to his house. Do you know who met me at the door? It was a Robot dog. It gave me flying slippers and showed the apartments. We ate strange food, drank blue water and chattered with his sister, living on Venus.

It was cool. It was so cool that I fell asleep. My mother woke me up as it was time to go to school. I couldn`t beleive my eyes when I saw the same slippers in my room.

Прошлой ночью мне приснился сон / Last night I had a dream