Pretty little liars 3 – perfect by sarah shephard

Look and you will find it – what is unsought will go undetected.

Have you ever had a friend turn on you? Just totally transform from someone you thought you knew into
Someone…else? I’m not talking your boyfriend from nursery school who grows up and gets gawky and
Ugly and zitty, or your friend from camp whom you’ve got nothing to say to when she comes to visit you
Over Christmas break, or even a girl in your clique who suddenly breaks away and turns goth or into one
Of those granola Outward Bound kids. No. I’m talking about your soul mate. The girl you know
Everything about. Who knows everything about you. One day she turns around and is a completely
Different person.
Well, it happens. It happened in Rosewood.
“Watch it, Aria. Your face is going to freeze like that.” Spencer Hastings unwrapped an orange Popsicle

/> And slid it into her mouth. She was referring to the squinty-eyed drunk-pirate face her best friend, Aria
Montgomery, was making as she tried to get her Sony Handycam to focus.
“You sound like my mom, Spence.” Emily Fields laughed, adjusting her T-shirt, which had a picture of a
Baby chicken in goggles on it and said, INSTANT SWIM CHICK! JUST ADD WATER! Her friends had
Forbidden Emily from wearing her goofy swimming T-shirts –
“Instant Swim Dork! Just add loser!” Alison DiLaurentis had joked when Emily walked in.
“Your mom says that too?” Hanna Marin asked, throwing away her green-stained Popsicle stick. Hanna
Always ate faster than anyone else. “Your face will freeze that way,” she mimicked.
Alison looked Hanna up and down and cackled. “Your mom should’ve warned you that your butt would
Freeze that way.”
Hanna’s face fell as she pulled down her pink-and-white striped T-shirt – she’d borrowed it from Ali,
And it kept riding up, revealing a white strip of her stomach. Alison tapped Hanna’s shin with her flip-flop.
“Just joking.”
It was a Friday night in May near the end of seventh grade, and best friends Alison, Hanna, Spencer,
Aria, and Emily were gathered in Spencer’s family’s plushly decorated family room, with the Popsicle
Box, a big bottle of cherry vanilla Diet Dr Pepper, and their cell phones splayed out on the coffee table.
A month ago, Ali had come to school with a brand-new LG flip phone, and the others had rushed out to
Buy their own that very day. They all had pink leather holsters to match Ali’s, too – well, all except for
Aria, whose holster was made of pink mohair. She’d knitted it herself.
Aria moved the camera’s lever back and forth to zoom in and out. “And anyway, my face isn’t going to
Freeze like this. I’m concentrating on setting up this shot. This is for posterity. For when we become
“Well, we all know I’m going to get famous.” Alison thrust back her shoulders and turned her head to the
Side, revealing her swanlike neck.
“Why are you going to be famous?” Spencer challenged, sounding bitchier than she probably meant to.
“I’m going to have my own show. I’ll be a smarter, cuter Paris Hilton.”
Spencer snorted. But Emily pursed her pale lips, considering, and Hanna nodded, truly believing. This
Was Ali. She wouldn’t stay here in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, for long. Sure, Rosewood was glamorous
By most standards – all its residents looked like walk-on models for a Town & Country photo
Shoot – but they all knew Ali was destined for greater things.