Английские топики по теме: Праздники

I want to tell you about my little school where I and my friends study. My school № 81 was built in the city of Voronezh in 1972. It is a very good school. I like it very much. Around my school there are a lot of different kinds of trees. There are two stadiums… Read Article →

St Valentine`s Day February is the coldest winter month, but it is the most long-awaited romantic holiday for all enamored. Officially the Valentine`s Day exists more than 16 centuries, but the holidays of love have been known since ancient pagan cultures. Nevertheless, the history of the Valentine`s Day and Valentine himself is covered with mystery…. Read Article →

A nation is a group of people who share common history and usually a language and usually, but not always, live in the same area. Culture can be described as our everyday life: how we communicate, what makes us happy and said. It also includes our language, religion, traditions, behavior, way of life – in… Read Article →

Long ago ancient Greeks often waged wars. Small states suffered and lost much even if they did not take any side and stayed out of wars. The ruler of such a small state, Elis, wanted to live in peace with all neighbours. He was a good di plomat because his negotiations were successful and Elis… Read Article →

With the exception of breakfast meals in England are much the same as in other countries. The usual meals in Great Britain are breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. The English are very fastidious about their meals and keep to their meal times strictly. Breakfast time is between 7 and 9 a. m. Many people like… Read Article →

As is known in Britain there exists the accepted code of behavior. This accepted code of behavior of the British people doesn’t allow the straightforward expression of what they think and feel. In contrast to Russians who prefer directness, British people tend to understate things. A conversation in English is full of hints, half tones… Read Article →

Tourism is becoming popular now. More and more people go abroad not only for business trip, but for holiday. On the one hand tourism is good, because people learn more about the world and gain useful things for themselves. They meet new people, make friends, communicate and improve their languages. Sometimes sick people need doctor… Read Article →

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