Possessive pronouns

Possessive Pronouns
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Possessive pronouns are pronouns used to show ownership or relationship. Possessive pronouns do not change form for singular and plural nouns. ex. their car / their cars (not theirs cars)
For the Third Person Singular, if a boy or man has something, his is used. If a girl or woman has something, her is used.
Possessive pronouns are often used for parts of the body and clothing. Possessive pronouns can be used without nouns, but take on a different form (see Formation below).

With Nouns:
First Person Singular >> my
Second Person Singular >> your
Third Person Singular >> his, her, its
First Person Plural >> our
Second Person Plural >> your
Third Person Plural >> their

Interrogative (question) >> whose?
Without Nouns:
First Person Singular >> mine
Second Person Singular >> yours
Third Person Singular >> his, hers
First Person Plural >> ours
Second Person Plural >> yours
Third Person Plural >> theirs
Interrogative (question) >> whose?

Do not use a/an/the/this/that before possessive pronouns. Be careful not to confuse its (possessive pronoun) with it’s (it is contraction). This is a very common mistake.
Also, its cannot be used without a noun. Notice that whose can be used with a noun or without a noun and does not change its form.

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Possessive pronouns