Подготовка к scjp (object oriented)-1

Being an SCJP 6 means you must be at one with the object-oriented aspects of Java. You
Must dream of inheritance hierarchies, the power of polymorphism must flow through
You, cohesion and loose coupling must become second nature to you, and composition
Must be your bread and butter. This chapter will prepare you for all of the object-oriented
Objectives and questions you’ll encounter on the exam. We have heard of many experienced Java
Programmers who haven’t really become fluent with the object-oriented tools that Java provides,
So we’ll start at the beginning.
Imagine you wrote the code for a class, and another dozen programmers from
Your company all wrote programs that used your class. Now imagine that later on,
You didn’t like the way the class behaved, because some of its instance variables
Were being set (by the other programmers from within their code) to values you
Hadn’t anticipated. Their code brought out errors in your code. (Relax, this is just
Hypothetical.) Well, it is a Java program, so you should be able just to ship out a
Newer version of the class, which they could replace in their programs without
Changing any of their own code.

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Подготовка к scjp (object oriented)-1