Почему люди изучают английский язык? / Why people study English?

English is the most well-known and wide-spread language. English is learned by many people all over world it is the most necessary. People enter the best universities in order to know it or to be interpreter and to work for foreign firms.

What for people study English?

Firstly, people want to understand computer because 80% of all information in English.

Secondly, English is the language of politicians. Many international journalists speak English with well-known people.

Thirdly, 75% of all international business letters are written in English.

Fourthly, many firms speak English with foreign partners.

Fifthly, many foreign rock and pop groups sing English. Most well-known singers all over the world sing their songs in English.

But what for Teenagers study English? For example, they want to make friends in different countries.

If they visit different countries, they want to be able to order meals in a restaurant or in a caf?.

Then, they want to have good marks.

Some more, they want to read English books in the original.

Then, they want to watch foreign TV programmers.

Further, many teenagers will need English for their future education. They also want to connect their life with English.

To sum it up, English need people in any time.

Почему люди изучают английский язык? / Why people study English?