Please don’t lie to me again

Tenchi looked at the face of a girl whom he had been with for a long time. She was his childhood friend. She was lying on the hospital bed, unconcious. As Tenchi looked at her, love and sadness can be seen in his eyes. Worried that something bad might happen to her. “Yuki, please wake up.” the words that he kept repeating in his mind, over and over again.

“Hey cheer up now. What’s the matter?” A young boy wearing a blue baseball cap told his friend, looking at her, who was crying. “I’m fine.” A little girl gave the same boy a fake smile. “Ahh, something’s wrong, I knew it. Yuki tell me.” He insisted. But the little girl just gave him a smile, “nothing.”

A girl waited under a waiting shed, it was raining too hard. Everything was dark. “Yuki!” The girl heard her name. Left, right, it was her friend, Tenchi. The boy hurried to see her, he ran to the waiting shed quickly, with his uniform, dripping wet. But as soon as he got there, acted as if she didn’t even hear his voice, nor knew him for who he was. “We need to talk…” He said trying to catch some air. “I thought I told you to leave me alonE!” The girl shouted as she turned her back at him. “Yuki, I can’t do that!” Tenchi answered. Yuki started walking away, she had her clothes wet by the time she set her feet out of the waiting shed.

“Hey, listen ok. Look I know that I made the wrong choice about telling you that I…love you….but…please, cant we just…have what we had before? FRIENDSHIP!?” Tenchi continued. Yuki stopped walking, “Look!” she turned around and faced him, “All I ask is for you to leave me alone! I’m sick and tired of this game. It can’t be. You can’t love a girl like me.” She yelled, tears came falling from her eyes. Tenchi made his way to his friend and threw his

arms around her, “I just love you!…Why can’t we be together?” He was crying. “LET GO!” Yuki pushed him, and Tenchi felt pain on his right cheek, she slapped him. “Can’t you understand me? I don’t like the way you treat me anymore, I’m not special. You just can’t love me as someone else? I hate you!” Her voice was beginning to break up, she was crying real hard, but the rain could cover it. Yuki turned her back at Tenchi and ran away.

Tenchi wanted to go after her but all he could do was watch her as she goes farther and farther. As Yuki reached the sidewalk near her house, she felt pain on her left chest, her heart was aching. She couldn’t breath. She placed her hand just at the place of her heart and tried to massage her chest, “It’s ok, Nikk. You can do it…just a few steps and…Ughr” She took a deep breath and started walking again, slowly, but her knees felt weak, she can’t move anymore and that caused her to fall on the ground. Her sister got out the house eventually and helped her to stand up.

Tenchi took a deep breath and made his way to the wash room to wash the vase. There was silence. Even his loud breathing could be heard…As Tenchi went out the room, he went to the table near Yuki’s bed and took the boquet of roses. “Tenchi,” He heard a soft voice calling him. Tenchi turned to his right and found Yuki, awake. “Tenchi, What are u doin here?.” she said. Her voice was softer than before. Her friend smiled, “I…came here to…see you..” He replied. “Tenchi…I…” She felt so much pain on her chest again.

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Please don’t lie to me again