Английские топики по теме: Письма

From: Padmasree Warrior, Motorola`s Chief Technology Officer To: Jerry Rose Cc: Katie Cleary, Andy Baker, Eric Thompson Bcc: Michael Leeford Sent: 12 December 2009 19:28 Subject: A new strategy for company`s future Attachment: Katie Cleary`s project Dear Project Managers Thank you for coming into our office this week on special occasions – events devoted to… Read Article →

Dear Madam, Further to your letter of 2-nd February, I am writing to express my annoyance about the accrued taxes and interest in the amount of 623,33 rub. on the property which I do not possess. Again I report you that the property, situated at number 8 Kirova Square, had never belonged, and now it… Read Article →

I have chosen this topic because I like to receive letters written by hand, but unfortunately have forgotten about it… Letter is one of the oldest methods of transmitting a message. Written by hand, painstaking, precisely derived handwriting. Then, when there were no mobile phones, no internet, and generally not a lot of technology, people… Read Article →

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