Phrasal verb top 170 – examples used

Pick up – взять, подхватить, подобрать, поднять
You don’t want to pick up your bag or anything?

Go on – 1) продолжай(те)!; 2) продолжать(ся); 3) происходить
Please don’t give up. Please go on.
It couldn’t go on forever.
Hey! Wait a minute! What’s going on?
We have the house in sight, and there’s a goddamned battle going on down there.

Get out – 1) уходить, уезжать; 2) выходить; 3) вынимать, вытаскивать
Look, if you want the motor home, just take it and get out
This bar is for bikers and truckers only. You, get out!
Now get the hell out of here
We want you to go back there, to get him out.
We gotta get outta(=out of) here
Get that asshole outa here before I kill him!
Once you get this in your blood, you never get it out!

Go back – возвращаться
We won’t (=will not) go back
We can go back to that again

Come on – 1) давай!, пошли!; 2) кончай!, брось!; 3) проходить, приходить

Come back – возвращаться

Sit down – садиться, усаживаться, занимать место

Come out – 1)выходить; 2) появляться, возникать; 3) получаться
You can come out now
You want me to come out there and play private eye
You and Suzie used to come out here together?
You think she will come out?
I didn’t want it to come out like this.

Come in – 1) входить; 2) приходить, прибывать

Look for – 1) искать, подыскивать; 2) присматривать
I heard you guys were looking for me.
Motive was the main thing to look for.
What are you looking for?


up – 1) вставать, подниматься; 2) просыпаться
What time do you usually get up?
He tried to get up and couldn’t.

Come up – 1) появляться, возникать; 2) подниматься, приближаться
The image that came up on the screen
And your name came up
Come up when you have finished.
The waiter came up for my order.
I could come up to your place.

Look down – смотреть, смотреть вниз
Higgy looked down at Daniel Willoughby, who was standing a step or two below him.
Do not look down. Come.
He looked down the table to his wife
Vittoria looked down the remainder of the alley. “You think there’s another entrance?

Go out – выходить
Go out for (для чего?) – go out for dinner
Go out in/into (куда?) – go out in the open air
Go out of (откуда?) – I went out of the house
Go out on (куда?) – go out on the road
Go out to (куда?) – he went out to Hollywood
Go out (+инфинитив) (выйти/пойти/поехать чтобы сделать что-л)
Go out to look
Go out to get

Take off – 1) снимать (с себя); 2) уходить, уезжать
Take off if you want to
When we finished, Eddie took off to start working on his end
Then I watched her take off her gloves
I need to take off five pounds

Come from – происходить из, от (по причине), взяться
And we both come from big families
What’s going on! Where did you come from?
A woman’s scream rang out – and then another scream. It seemed to come from behind me and I spun around.

Find out – выяснить, разузнать, обнаружить, найти
I don’t know, but I’m gonna find out

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Phrasal verb top 170 – examples used