Photos and house description / Описание фотографий и дома

Loots: Hello there, everyone, it’s Jools and Anna here for today’s roundup of the We’re watching you house!
Anna: Yes, it’s Day 4 in the We’re
watching you house, and things are changing!
Jools: That’s right. Chloe left the house yesterday so now we’ve only got seven people here. Before we look at what happened today, let’s see what they are doing now.
Anna: OK. Screen 1, the kitchen. Greg’s in the kitchen – he’s preparing dinner. He’s cooking pasta, I think.
Jools: What’s wrong with Greg? He’s
shouting about something. Anna: Mmm, yes. Let’s look at Screen 2 – the girls’ bedroom. Oh, that’s Cara. Is she resting? Jools: No, she isn’t. Listen. She’s crying. Maybe she had an argument with Greg.
Anna: Now, Screen 3, the garden.
Jason’s out there, but what’s he doing? He’s digging. Jools: Yes, he’s digging up the flowers. Look at his face – he’s angry. Let’s go to Screen 4 – the gym. Anna: OK. Yes, that’s Erica – she’s riding the exercise bike. Wow, she’s cycling fast. And she’s shouting… Jools: No, she isn’t shouting; listen,
she’s singing. Anna: Well, I’m glad someone’s happy! What’s happening in the living room?
Jools: Screen 5… Adam and Rosa… what are they doing? Are they talking?
Anna: Yes, they are, but they’re talking
very quietly. I can’t hear them. Jools: No… maybe they don’t want the
others to hear… Anna: Or they don’t want us to hear! Finally, Screen 6, the boys’ bedroom. Thafs Gary… what’s he doing?
Jools: He’s looking for something… he’s looking very carefully. What does he want? Oh, well. We can’t watch him now. Let’s look back at Oay4~

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Photos and house description / Описание фотографий и дома