Passion and love

Passion is euphoria, love is calm. Passion is fast, love is enduring. Sudden passion is, love is progressive. Passion is aggressive, love is gentle. Passion is the wind, love is a breeze. Destroys passion, love builds. Passion for revenge, love forgives. Passion is a disease, love is health. Passion is pain, love is relief. Passion is doubt, love is sure. Passion is madness, love and healing.

Love makes us wanting to be, want to learn more to be able to exchange with those we love new life lessons. Love helps to overcome difficulties while passion creates obstacles. Passion is totally self-centered, passionate, scandalous. Love is caring, considerate and accomplice. He makes us believe that happiness is not in the hands of another person, but in our hands. We can only be happy with someone if we can be happy with ourselves.

Love is accepting what the other has defects, we are different, but we can live with these differences, because what attracts two people is exactly what one has and the other does not. Some believe it is necessary to live a blind passion as people today do not allow themselves to suffer. But who says he loves does not suffer, do not cry, do not miss, not jealous and does not disappoint at times.

Despite the passion to have more cons than pros about love I still think there is no life without a little passion. Therefore it is best to live life passionately so we can have a real love.

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Passion and love