Orco property group

Orco Property Group is a leading investor, developer and asset manager in the Central European real estate and hospitality market, managing assets of 2 bln Euro.

A public company, Orco is a Luxembourg based company listed on the Euronext and Prague Stock Exchange and has operated in the Central Europe since 1991.

Orco Property Group’s portfolio includes IPB Real, MaMaison Hotels & Apartments, Viterra Development, Orco Real Estate as well as other retail properties. Orco operates in a number of different countries throughout the Central and Eastern European region including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Germany and Slovakia. Orco is always on the look out for the latest opportunities in new territories. Such rapid development can be attributed to strategic investment and an experienced and loyal team of over 1500 people from 15 different countries, dedicated to client and partner alike. Focusing on prime locations within major cities, Orco holds prestigious and varied assets that continually increase in value. Each Orco division caters to a wide variety of leading international customers who have come to appreciate and respect Orco’s commitment to service, quality and style.

Additionally, Orco Property Group is sponsor and manager of the Endurance Real Estate fund. The Endurance Fund (“Fund”) was founded in 2005 and is focused on the acquisition, development, management and disposal of commercial, residental and hotel properties located throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The Fund is structured as a regulated Luxembourg Fonds Commun de Placement (“FCP”) with Dexia as Custodian Bank.

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Orco property group