Ono fuyumi. ghost hunt. volume 5 – i don’t want to become an evil spirit


Tokyo, Shibuya.

Standing by the office window, I stopped moving the rag in my hand.

The trees lining the road outside the window are Sakura trees. White flowers have started to bloom like stars in the sky.

“It’s so fast~” I couldn’t help mumbling to myself.

Behind me, someone spoke, “What’s fast?”

It was my colleague. A dignified picture in a white blouse and white Chinese-styled wool sweater, that girl rolled up her sleeves, took a mop and mopped the floor.

“It’s been a year. It’s almost been a year since I’ve started working here.”


The female who said that with a sigh is named Takahashi Yuuko, Taka in short. Sherecently became a senior in a certain metropolitan girl’s high school.

In contrast, I am Taniyama Mai. With everyone’s help I’ve become a second year in a certain metropolitan private high school this spring.

And this is the office of “Shibuya Psychic Research” – A place where ghosts and the supernatural and other unimaginable occurrences are investigated.

“You really lasted a year – in a strange part time job like this.”

If we’re talking about the scope of my work, it’s commonplace to meet ghosts. For someone like me, who had never encountered a spirit before, this is a clear improvement. How should I put it, I’m no longer scared by strange stories and what not. Even when I see horror movies, the ghosts there aren’t even real, and I can even talk about a lot of other vaious things.

“And the higher-ups haven’t changed either. Yeah, I’m really an incredible person. It’s almost a waste of my talents!”

The boss is Shibuya Kazuya. He’s only 17 years old. He’s a man who has managed a high-class office in a high-class building in a high-class

street. Although we’re talking about paranormal events, it’s still science and technology that is applied in studying spirits or the supernatural, etc. He’s terribly secretive, and his personality sucks, but what pisses me off the most is he’s capable and good-looking. He’s a narcissist whom even Buddha would run barefooted from. People call him “The Secretive Naru-chan”.

Taka laughed mischievously.

“Because the boss is like this so it’ll continue, right?”

… Ah.

“That’s true, it’s already been a year. Has there been a little progress within this year?”


“Personal relations.”

“Taka-san, we’ve agreed not to mention this, haven’t we.”

“Is that so? I think my memory has been getting poorer.”

“Hm. Did you get dementia already?”

“Don’t say it like that.”

“But I have to.”

On my reply, Taka replaced the mop and placed her hands on her hips with a tough attitude.

“Taking the words of your elder lightly would cause you to get into trouble,” she announced.

Then she ran to my side and leaned out of the window that was open for cleaning.

“Mai likes Naru!!~”

I can’t believe she actually screamed down at the street below. There were a few passers-by who looked up in curiosity.

“Hey! Look what you’ve done!”

“Ha ha, do you respect me yet?”

“I respect you. No, this subject is no match for the upcoming King.” (tl/n: 殿下is probably used to address male monarchy, hence the next line.)

“How rude to call a lady that. You should address me as ‘Queen-sama’.”

“The Queen-sama holding the mop, right?”

“How matching~”

Saying “Ah Ha”, I had no choice but to admit defeat.

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Ono fuyumi. ghost hunt. volume 5 – i don’t want to become an evil spirit