Ono fuyumi. ghost hunt. volume 2 – there really are a lot of evil spirits


If ghosts appear and disappear in your house, you would definitely find it annoying, scary, and also inconvenient.

You’d definitely try to get rid of it.

But how?

If you ask me, you would be walking a tightrope. If you don’t live in Tokyo, then you better get on the train to Ueno, Tokyo.

You’d get on the railway, then get off at Shibuya. Actually, it doesn’t matter which train, be it the Hanzoumon Line, the Ginza Line, or the Tokyo Line, you get on as long as you reach Shibuya in the end. Once you get to Shibuya, go to the front of the Nahachi[1]. Find a kind-looking person and ask him for directions.

After getting directions, you can get here easily. Walk a while and you’ll be able to see a tall, brick building built in an old architectural style. There should be a plaza on the first floor.

– Did you find it?

Once you get there, take the elevator by the water fountain and go up to the second floor. Don’t waste time looking at the clothing stores and tea houses downstairs. They’re all very tempting, so if you’re not careful you may end up going into one.

When you arrive at the second floor, look around. Do you see a blue-gray door?

In the middle of the door is intricate frosted glass, with the logo “SPR” written across in fine, golden calligraphy. Beneath the logo are the words “Shibuya Psychic Research”.

Learn to recognize this door.

Eh, so you’re wondering whether I’m from a tea house? Where did that come from, of course I’m not. I said tea houses can’t help you get rid of ghosts.

If you just go into a tea house without knowing what you’re going to say, you’ll be forced to leave. If you’re unlucky, you’re also be reprimanded with, “Can’t you read the English on the door?”

“Shibuya Sikiku Risaachi” –

that is to say, “Shibuya Psychic Research”

Do you get it now?

“Psychic Research” means investigation of paranormal activity. “Shibuya Psychic Research” is a paranormal business office located on Shibuya Street. The name might also be named after the family’s surname. Well, it doesn’t matter where the name came from. The main thing is you can always reach us by phone.

“For exorcisms performed on a spirit or a possessed person, please call and arrange an appointment.”

Basically, the job is about exorcising spirits and such.

Good, now all that’s left is for you to have the courage to knock on the door.

Inside, you will find an exquisite office. Usually I keep the guests company, but since I also do office work, I’m not always there to do that.

Sometimes there are situations where I’m not there. Instead, a skinny, tall man will greet the guest. If he’s not there either, then no one will come out to greet the guest. When that happens, a handsome, but arrogant, young man should be sitting on the sofa in the main room. He looks like he’s sixteen or seventeen.

Never ever assume that he does paper work because of his young age. He has an abnormally high amount of self pride. If you make that mistake, don’t think you can just get out of it. After all, he is the most conceited narcissist in the whole wide world, which is why he’s known as Naru for short.

If Naru’s in a good mood, you can easily talk to him. He’ll definitely help you solve your problem.

…if he’s interested in your situation, that is.

“Is Shibuya Psy-something over here?”

A woman dressed in extravagant clothes entered.

I’m working today with no breaks in between, meaning I’ll be in the office all day. And so, I was the one who ended up greeting this guest.

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Ono fuyumi. ghost hunt. volume 2 – there really are a lot of evil spirits