Оливер Твист Ч. Диккенса / Review of the book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

This thought-provoking book by Charles Dickens is a novel among other writings of the author. It is a story of a little orphan, Oliver, from his early years in the cruel society of the workhouse where he lives. The novel tells about punishment of Oliver for his request for a second bowl of gruel and his struggle with greatest difficulties outside the workhouse.

The story begins with the description of the situation in London and the workhouse where Oliver and other little children live. Oliver decides to run away and he tries his fortune. The plot follows his misfortunes, it is written with pity and drama, with little Oliver at the centre of the book.

The writing style of the author is considered to be brilliant, narrative is tour de force and there are no difficulties in understanding the plot. The characters are well-thought over and described in such a manner that makes the reader feel that the situation is realistic. So it retains the readers` interest while reading the whole book from the very beginning up to the end.

“Oliver Twist” is good for reading, if you enjoy period fiction and adventure stories. It can teach the reader to be faithful and helpful. You should certainly read this book, don`t miss the chance as it is the classics of the genre among the English literature.

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Оливер Твист Ч. Диккенса / Review of the book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens