Олимпиада по английскому языку / Participation in the English-learners competition

In this composition I would like to tell about an English-learners contest and my impression.

Last year I took the first place on the local level of the competition and went to the regional contest. It consisted of five parts: Use of English, Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking. Use of English and Reading were not difficult – the main thing is to understand the contents and choose the right option.

But in the Writing part we were given quite a strange theme – “Cloning”. We had to take into consideration all advantages and disadvantages of this process from scientific point of view. At first I did not know what to write at all, since I had not dealt with this problem before. But eventually I wrote about 210 words (the minimum was 250 words).

As for the Listening part, it seemed to be also peculiar. In the first exercise we had to connect numbers (data, amount and ect.) with matchable events. That was not difficult and I think I managed to do it. In the second one there were holidays and cities where they had come from. According to the text which was listened, we had to match them. But the most of the cities (towns) were unknown for me, so sometimes it was uneasy to hear them sound.

In the Speaking part we were given the topic “Advantages and disadvantagea of the Internet”. In my opinion, it is rather important and widely discussed nowadays. I had a conversation with a girl of my age. But as she was not very talkative, I felt a little bit confused. Anyway, that was interesting to discuss this topic in English.

To conclude, from my point of view, my work was not exellent. Despite this fact, I like taking part in this sort of competitions, as they let me understand what I know well and what I need to work through. Therefore, that is a useful experience for me.

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Олимпиада по английскому языку / Participation in the English-learners competition