Топики по английскому языку на тему: Окружающая среда

People have always polluted their surroundings. But until now pollution was not such a serious problem. People lived in uncrowded […]

There are many animals in Australia that you cannot see anywhere else, and talking of the animals, we should mention […]

There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. December, January and February are winter months. Days […]

In 1971, motivated by their vision of a green and peaceful world, a small team of activists set sail from […]

A year is the average time it takes for the Earth to go once round the Sun. There are 12 […]

Protection of environment is a major issue in Great Britain. Global warming, ozone layer problem, air and water pollution, industrial […]

The planet Earth is only a tiny part of the universe, but it’s the only place where human beings can […]

Environment pollution problem is paid much attention to in the USA. Different environmentalists and environmental societies, like Wilderness Society, try […]

Since ancient times Nature has served Man, being the source of his life. For thousands of years people lived in […]

Nature has always been a favourite theme for poets. Storms and adventures on the sea have inspired them to write […]

Winter, spring, summer and autumn are the seasons of the year. December, January and February are winter months. The weather […]

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