Obsidian launch’s prosperity plan

Obsidian’s Life Mission
The Purpose for Our Existence and Our Relentless Commitment to Growth

Investing in tomorrow’s leaders, today. TM

Obsidian Launch is the world’s most highly regarded business growth accelerator. Our sole purpose is to “invest in and rapidly mature new entrepreneurial companies into steadfast niche leaders.” It is our emphatic belief that entrepreneurialism offers the greatest freedom for people to do remarkable things for themselves and others, to strengthen the economy, and to lead lives driven by passion; and it is our relentless mission to foster entrepreneurialism because of this.

Obsidian’s Destiny
What We Are Destined To Be

On December 31, 2018 Obsidian Launch has achieved annual income of more than $53M. Obsidian is recognized as having formed and being the pinnacle of the new market of ‘growth accelerators’. Revenue is being generated from ongoing phantom equity interests in approximately 250 niche businesses and liquidity events. VCs and other investment firms are placing a valuation 25% to 50% higher on Obsidian’s Partners than similar opportunities because of Obsidian’s reputation of breeding the best niche companies.

We are recognized as one of the top 100 places to work in the US. Obsidian’s Partners are some of the fastest growing, healthiest and well recognized businesses in the US. Over 25% of Obsidian’s clients have succeeded in being acquired and today continue to grow and succeed at the next level, further strengthening the recognized value Obsidian brings to new businesses. Several entrepreneurs of former Obsidian Partners have joined Obsidian’s team and are creating the next generation of business leaders.

The Obsidian offices are a place where we look forward to coming every day. It is a place of high energy, supportive colleagues, and the occasional good natured prank. A few mascot dogs walk

around the office building and colleagues enjoy the break areas with a TV, a pool table, video games, and great cuisine. Lounge areas and mini-libraries are located throughout the office – these are places to talk, think, focus and drive ourselves to the next level.

Learning is HUGE at Obsidian and all colleagues are required (and excited) to constantly take courses, read books, work with mentors and all but bathe in their field of expertise. Obsidian offers cross training and fun educational activities to avoid burn out. Many of Obsidian’s colleagues are recognized as the leading experts in their field. Some Obsidian experts elect to spin off and start their own businesses in their field of passion. Of course, Obsidian invests in these companies and helps them grow and they turn out to be some of our most successful Partners.
Obsidian’s Area of Innovation
How We Do It

Obsidian leads on Quality – Quality of service, quality of experience and quality of the deliverables. We have a relentless obsession to provide the highest quality hands-on involvement and support available. We cherry pick partners who are motivated, passionate and focused. It is undeniable that partnering with Obsidian is at least 100 times better than partnering with any single person. As a result, Obsidian has changed the entire paradigm on partnering. The world now views launching your own company, by yourself, while retaining 100% equity to be safer and far more effective than having equity partners.

Obsidian’s Immutable Laws
The Way We Do It

Give to Give – We get what we give.

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Obsidian launch’s prosperity plan