Образование / Education

It is an open secret that education is very important nowadays. It does not only broaden our scope, but also makes us wiser.

Firstly, it empowers people to get off in their career. That could be accounted for onrush of technology and drastic social alterations. Naturally, an educated person can think on a wider scale, analyse various social phenomena. In my opinion, that is very valuable and useful for all the spheres of human activity. Therefore, all-round employees have always been in demand.

Secondly, education enriches our experience and warns against trickery. As far as we know, a brainy person gets over difficulties and unfavourable situations much quicker.

At the same time, there are some well-off and educated people who are cruel and rude. They never feel Sympathy for others, as their hearts are indifferent.

From my point of view, the concept “scholarship” should include both the level of education and person`s morality, since these qualities are inseparably linked with each other.

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Образование / Education