Английские топики по теме: О себе

Approximately twenty years ago children wore strictly school uniform at school. But since the 1990s school uniform has been cancelled. Children chose themselves a school dress. Anyway, many schools nowadays have school uniform. Is it good or had? This question has both advantages and disadvantages. Now, let`s consider positive aspects. Firstly, the school uniform has… Read Article →

Meet my family. There are five of us, and we are very friendly. First, meet my mum and dad, Elena and Vladimir. They both love cooking. My mum enjoys embroidering and my dad enjoys playing with my brother Lukasha and my sister Anna. My mum is slim and good-looking. She has got short dark hair… Read Article →

Which do I identify myself most strongly with: my job, my home town or my family? It is a tricky question to me. To choose the right answer is very difficult, because I have to consider many factors. There is not much to say about my job, simply because I don`t have it yet. But… Read Article →

English is spoken practically all over the world. It is spoken as the mother tongue in Great Britain, the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. A lot of people speak English in China, Japan, India, Africa and other countries – It is one of 6 official languages of the United Nations. It… Read Article →

Irkutsk was founded in 1661. In 1686 it became a city, so it is rather old. So, how did Irkutsk look like, for example, one hundred and fifty years ago? Karl Marx street was the main street and its name was Big or Grand 200 years ago. There were small wooden houses everywhere in Irkutsk…. Read Article →

A typical day goes something like this. We get up around 6 a. m., wash, have some coffee and toasts, feed the dog and let him outside, bring the dog back in and leave for work. I drop Martha off at her job around 7:15 a. m. and then I drive to the University (from… Read Article →

I am very busy on my week-days. My week-days do not differ much one from another. On week-days my working day begins early in the morning. My school starts at 8 o’clock, so I have to get up at 7, to be ready in time. I never wake up myself, my mother always wakes me… Read Article →

I’d like to describe you my working day. All the days looked very much the same. As a matter of fact, I am not an early-riser. I hate getting up early, but I got used to it. On weekdays I usually get up at 7. Г do my morning exercises. Then I wash my face… Read Article →

“Honour your mother and father and you will live long and be well, if not, you will die” – says the Bible. Some families are happy, some are dead. It seems to me the reason is misunderstanding of each other in the family. One more thing, teenagers can take on most of the rights and… Read Article →

I’m fond of reading. Usually I borrow books from the library, but I have a lot of them at home, too. I like to read books about famous people and detective stories. Literature means much in my life. It helps to form the character and to understand life better. There are some names in Russian… Read Article →

Speaking about my favourite subject I must admit that I was privileged to study at a school where the English language was taught since the first form. It wasn’t a specialized English school, it was the school of fine-arts. Since the first days at school English has become my favourite subject. At the age of… Read Article →

Birthday is a very wonderful day. Everybody likes to celebrate it. It is a good opportunity to spend time with friends, parents, relatives. I was born on the 10th of January. In the morning on my birthday my parents lay the presents near my bed. So the first thing I see when I open my… Read Article →

It is very difficult to imagine an ideal school. I questioned my schoolmates and asked them to tell about the school of their dream. Their stories made a strong impression on me. To my mind they are real romantics. As it turned out, all the pupils have imagination. Some pupils dream of computers in every… Read Article →

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