О домашних животных / On keeping pets

My name is Juliana Pisarenko I am a student of the 7th form. Yesterday I came home from school and found my mother crying. I had never seen her crying like that before. It turned out that our dog, Beetle by name, died while I was learning Mathematics and Physics and Russian.

Beetle had lived with us for almost 13 years. My mother always said the dog was my elder brother because it was almost three months older then me.

Next day we buried Beetle near our house and I stayed at home and refused to go to school. All the day I was sitting in the armchair in front of the TV-set andthinking about pets.

Why people keep pets? It brings so much grief when pets die. It becomes so empty and cold at home. Usually pets are our true friends. They never betray us and always bring Happiness and joy. When our true friends die, the world comes to the end. No friends. No happiness. No joy.

Why we continue keeping pets? Because they are our real, true and faithful friends. They never betray us. Pets use to listen to all our complaints and never make negative remarks. They play with us, walk with us, eat with us, drink with us and sleep on our beds. Dogs are the first to come to rescue us. Cats usually cure us. Birds usually sing and talk (if they are parrots). And at last WE LOVE THEM!

Should people keep pets? My answer is YES! Because OUR PETS ALSO LOVE US!

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О домашних животных / On keeping pets