Newer give up

In my opinion “newer, newer give up” is not just a set of words. This is something that more. I do not think it is exaggerative to say. On the one side, this motto can be very motivating to achieve the goal, but at the same time it should not be taken literally.

Most successful people are committing to long-term and short-term goals. This helps them improve and get better. And of course, here the slogan “newer, newer give up” can greatly help them. The man who does not deviate from its objectives and follow this simple principle to succeed than those who lose heart after each failure. It does not require great intelligence to ascertain this fact.

But human race is not almighty creature. Different people in different situations have different capabilities. And if you’re trying to do something, but it does not work – you should not think that it is not normal and that you are a loser. We have to admit that if you continue your action, do not get what you want. Usually it is difficult and it takes courage. But this is the right way.

Finally, I want to say that phrase “newer, newer give up” is absolutely correct. But real success is always based on a great deal of failure. If you do not turn out long to achieve the goal – do not persist. It is necessary to stop, admit their mistakes and look back – and you’ll see a lot of ways to reach their goal.

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Newer give up