Настоящие друзья / The real friends

I have got a kitten. Its name is Pushok. He is so beautiful. He is grey, but he has a white bow on his breast and his fore paws are white too, when he goes it seems that he is in slippers. Pushok is small and merry. He likes to play.

When I am alone at home and I am sad, I play with my kitten. I take the thread with paper and throw it, my kitten tries to catch the thread and I pull it out, we play until my father or my mother come home.

One day in summer I let my kitten to go for a walk. When two hours had passed I went to find my kitten. And what did I see? My kitten was with a beautiful bird in his teeth I began to catch him but he wanted to run away, I caught him and knocked him, he threw the bird and run away. I took the bird and carried it home. It was alive but its Wing was damaged.

Soon the bird recovered and I let it go into the fresh air.

My kitten was afraid to appear in my presence. I felt sorry for him, I flattered him and forgive.

I love my kitten very much.

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Настоящие друзья / The real friends