Nadia ali

She has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, including the current number 1 of the DJ Mag Top 100, Armin van Buuren. The result of their most recent collaboration is called Feels So Good and is currently storming the charts. “Armin is probably one of the hardest working men in our industry. It’s no surprise he’s where he’s at in our industry. He’s also a pleasure to watch when it comes to fantraction. I think he really cares about his fans and the people around him. It’s refreshing to see that with someone who’s as successful as he is.”
The first collaboration with Armin dates back to 2005 and resulted in a stunningly beautiful gem called Who Is Watching. It’s a touching track that holds a special place in Nadia’s heart. “It’s the first song I recorded when I became a solo artist. I wrote it while we were in the studio. It comes from a very genuine place and I think

a lot of people can relate to the message. The message is ‘be careful’ and it’s for those people who pursue success and then realize, once they have the success, it’s a lonely place at the top”, she explains. “I think it’s one of my best lyrical compositions.”

Very flattering
In an industry mainly dominated by males and DJs, getting recognition as a female dance artist certainly isn’t a walk in the park. “Compared to the male artists, I don’t think female artists get anywhere close to the same recognition”, she says. “I’m not complaining about my career and I’m not complaining about the respect I have from my industry. I feel very, very grateful and very supported by my industry. Especially now more than ever. I think it takes time to develop that kind of respect. It’s harder for women, but I think that’s the case for any kind of industry women are part of. ” Although the EDM industry can be a tough one, it definitely gives her a family feeling. “I’ve met so many friends in my career. So many of the producers I work with feel like young brothers or older brothers. It’s really amazing.”

When she was invited to host the Electronic Family Festival in the capital city of the Netherlands, she was filled with joy. “First of all, any reason to come to Amsterdam is amazing. I just can’t get over how beautiful and interesting that city is. On top of that, to be invited to even perform there is very flattering. The biggest flattery is the fact that they would ask me to host a festival with such great artists performing. I’ve always been asked to present something, but never on this level. This is going to be a highlight in my career for sure.”

A special piece of advice
For the women out there who want to pursue a career in the EDM industry, Nadia has a special piece of advice. “I think, as with anything in life, there’s always going to be major competition all around you, but never be intimidated by that. Everyone has a place of their own. Of course you have to have raw talent, but it’s equally as important to work really, really hard. You’re here today and gone tomorrow if you’re not always on top of your game. The harder you work the more you increase your chances of being recognized.”

Nadia ali