Мы перестанем читать? / Will we stop reading?

Our world is similar with a huge puzzle, and when we read books, watch television, hear something we get the small pieces of it. Probably, one day we will see the whole picture.

I would like to share with you some my thoughts about two ways of getting information : reading and watchig TV. According to a statistic, nowdays the majority of people prefer watching telly to reading books. Why it happens so? First of all, reading really takes more time. So, if a busy person has a little free time, he`s more able to turn on TV than to seat queitly and read a book. However, there are people who don`t like reading at all. This situation is common for those who weren`t brought up to love reading. I`m sure that parents have a great influence on child`s likes and dislikes. In this way, if the Members of a family are not fond of doing something, their children won`t like this occupation too.

So, what the main difference between reading and watching TV? There`s no doubt that reading makes your imagination work, you involuntarily imagine places, people and their emotions described in a book. On TV all the forms and pictures are already made for you by director, producer and other specialists.

While reading, you can plung into the book and feel yourself like one of the charachters. The whole various amazing world is opened to you, and book is only a key.

As for me, I can`t imagine myself without reading. Books are with me during all periods of my life, good and complicated. They really help me to solve problems and find answers, they let me dream and keep to my Goals.

Reading is a wonder, accessible for everyone.

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Мы перестанем читать? / Will we stop reading?