My hobby – my pets

I have several hobbies. But my major hobby is looking after my pets. I am fond of animals. I think nothing else in our life could supply us with more pleasant emotions than our pets. It is so pleasant to know that somebody needs you and loves you only for the fact that you exist. Your friends can betray you, but your pets – never.

Now let me tell you about my pets. I have two cats and a dog.

One cat is male. Its name is Ryzhyk. He is 5 years old. His fur is reddish-brown. He likes to play with a ball. Actually, he has a dog-like behaviour. He performs different tricks and prefers the company of the dog to the company of the cat. He won several prizes at different Cat Shows.

My second cat is of no breed. It’s a female. Her name is Makha. She is 4 years old, long-haired, tabby. She doesn’t like lively games. Her favourite pastime is lying on the windowsill and thinking about the sense of life.

And the youngest of my pets is French bulldog, 2 years old. Her name is Zhuzha. She is spotted in colour. She also has some prizes from the Dog Shows. It’s a cheerful little dog whose loyalty is almost unlimited.

To my opinion, the role of pets in our life is best described by Austrian zoologist Conrad Lorenz. In one of his books he said: “In rapid current of our life a present-day man from time to time wants to feel he is still himself, and nothing can give him such a pleasant confirmation of it, but “four legs” mincing behind”.

My hobby – my pets