My Favourite Film

Usually we see films either in the cinema or on the TV. But from time to time I go to the cinema. My favourite film is “War and Peace”. The script of the film was written by Sergey Bondar-chuk and W. Solowjew. The Leningrad (now Sankt Petersburg) ballet-dancer Ludmila Saweljiewa played the main part. She played this role wonderfully. The other parts were played by A. Ktorov (old Bolkonsky), 0. Tabakov (Nikolai), I. Skobzeva (Helena). Borodino struggle, hunting, the first ball of Natasha

made a great impression on me. My favourite film is “The Fate of a Man”. This film is excellent. It is difficult to find other words to describe it. It has enormous vigour and delicacy, it is full of purity and hope.
…A man is caught in the storm of war and loses everything. Black clouds surround him, and – yet he finds strength to bear up with it all; he finds strength to adopt a child, a destitute, helpless creature…” All the great events and the feelings aroused are depicted with taste, tact and restraint.
Тo wish to draw attention particularly to the extraordinary performance of the boy. Even if the film has no other merits, the child scenes, so subtle, profound and lifelike, so full of tragic vigour – these scenes alone would win Bondarchuk the reputation of a great director.

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My Favourite Film