My favourite art

– You are fond of art. aren’t you?
– Yes. I am. I am not very good at painting but I try to go to every art exhibition. Besides, I’ve read a lot about Russian painters.
– Do you collect books on painting?
– I wouldn’t say so. I’ve several books on art, but in general I borrow books from our libraries. Are you fond of art?
– Yes. I am. Besides, I like music, or to be more exact classical music.
– Who is your

favourite composer?
– I like Chaikovsky, Rakhmanlnov. Mussorgsky…
– I appreciate your taste. Modest Mussorgsky depicted the most tragic events of Russian history in his operas. Take his opera “Boris Godunov”…
– I have heard “Boris Godunov” three times. I must admit I enjoyed every minute of it.
– Don’t you think that Mussorgsky and Andrey Tarkovsky have very much in common?
– Do you want to say that Tarkovsky’s films and Mussorgsky’s operas have much in common?
– That’s exactly what I mean. Their talents match. Do you agree with me?
– I have never thought about it. Andrey Tarkovsky was really a very gifted person. It is a pity that his life was very short. Have you seen his films?
– Yes. I have seen all his films. They give much food for thought.
– I believe that each of his films should be seen several times.
– I agree with you here. The more you see such films the better you understand them.
– Andrey Tarkovsky wanted to stage his own production of “Boris Godunov”. Do you know that?
– Really?
– I am happy to inform you that his dream has been realised.

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My favourite art