Music – Музыка

Music plays a big role in our life. Can you think of a day without it? We hear music everywhere: in the street in shops, in parks and at home. Music follows us from childhood and we can’t live without it. We listen to music when we are happy or sad, we dance to it and we learn to play music, too. Music is not a combination of sounds, it is art. There are a lot of kinds of music: classical music, jazz, popular music or pop-music, rock and club music. They are all different, but still people listen to them and enjoy. Music reflects our life, our feelings and emotions.

I prefer Russian pop-music. I have no favorite pop group. I just listen to the songs and melodies I like. My brother loves rock music. His favorite rock groups are Aria and Rammstein. Sometimes he turns the music up and enjoys it.

My father likes classical music. His favorite composer is Mozart. Sometimes he listens to Vivaldi or Tchaikovsky. When I am in a bad mood I can listen to classical music, too. It calms me and I start feeling better.

As for my mother, she is fond of Elvis Presley. She can listen to his songs all day. She says that be is great and his voice makes her forget about everyday problems. I like to go to clubs and discos. Most of them play club music: trance or techno.

I like to dance to sue music, but I can’t listen to it alone. The beats and sounds are too aggressive sometimes and I usually have a headache later.

My friend studies in a musical college. She likes folk music. Students of this college usually sing and dance to it. I have been to the concerts where they performed and I enjoyed it a lot.

Nobody knows when music appeared, but I think that if there were no music, our life would be very boring and sad.

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Music – Музыка