Мое сердце в Оксфорде / My heart is in Oxford

My heart still starts beating like a drum when I recall the best summer in my life. Last year I spent three unbelievable weeks in Oxford, England, and I would like you to understand the main reason of my going there. To begin with, I don`t really know when I fell in love with this country, but it is my strong belief that I have loved England since I first heard about it. I had only one dream – to visit England, and at last it became true.

So in the middle of July my life completely changed. It is like there are two parts in it now: life before Oxford and life after it. It is hard to explain my feelings, but I will try. My trip gave mean incredible experience of communicating with foreigners, being stronger and more independent. I visited London twice, and it impressed me greatly. It will be hard to change my opinion about its beauty…

But I will always love Oxford. It is like my native town…I feel something strange to it. Although I have been there only for three weeks, I am sure that I know it upside-down. Every corner, every place there is valuable for me. It is full of youthful atmosphere, it is also a very international city so everybody can feel free there. However, it is quite old, and it follows its traditions. Its culture is so various, that is why it is so attractive to me. There I found a lot of friends from different countries, and I will keep them in my heart forever. Actually, in Oxford I felt on the top of the world!

I am at loss for words now. I am missing Oxford so much. Thanks to my short staying in Oxford my way of life has completely changed for the better. I feel that I have become adult, and I am very grateful to Oxford for these changes in me. And I am sure that even in 10 years I will firmly believe and claim that it is the best city in the world. I have many proofs, but the main is that my heart belongs to this marvellous place.

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Мое сердце в Оксфорде / My heart is in Oxford