Моя родина / My homeland

I`d like to tell you some words about my country.

I live in Russia. Russia is the largest country in the world. The official name of our country is the Russian Federation. The first President of Russia was Boris Eltcin. At the moment the Russian President is Dmitri Medvedev. The Prime Minister of my country is Vladimir Putin. V. Putin is a very popular politic. The highest law of our country is the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Moscow is the capital of our country.

The St. Petersburg is a very important city. Rostov Veliky, Suzdal, Vladimir, Zvenigorod and Yaroslavl are very important cities too. They are known as Zolotoe Koltso (the Golden Ring of Russia).

Our symbols are the threecoloured flag and the Two head eagle. The Two head eagle symbolises wisdom and Strength. Colours of the flag are white, blue and red. Another our symbol is the anthem. His authors are the composer V. Aleksandrov and poet S. Mihalkov.

Russia is the famous for its people. They are Pushkin, Tchaikovsky, Levitan. Gagarin.

There is a wonderful nature in Russia. The main mountains are the Caucasus and the Altai. Volga, Yenisei, Ob are the most important rivers of my country. The Lake Baikal is situates in Russia. It is the deepest and the purest lake in the world. Our country is washed by the Atlantic ocean, Artic ocean and Pacific ocean.

What a wonderful country is my Russia! I am proud of it.

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Моя родина / My homeland