Моя мама / My mother

There are a lot of mothers and all of them are different.

However there is one common thing in them – love they give us.

Mummy! I feel I am an adult thanks to your attention and care. You taught me to love neighbour, to work hard. You proved me by your own example that there is a real friendship and faithfulness in life and that everything occurs due to love for people. There is merited happiness.

My dear mummy! I owe you so much. I don`t know how, but you always feel by your mother`s heart that I am in bad mood. My happiness is in your advice, your warm hands, your somewhat sorrowful smile.

How many worries and cares you have! However you don`t ask anybody for anything, don`t wait for help and the whole days you run round like a squirrel in a cage: a job, home, Family and a job again. I beg you, don`t long and cry. Life is too short to waste it on tears. I don`t want you to grow old, mum. Let birthdays come and go away, let years come, but in any case don`t grow old!

Mummy! Excuse me for all wrongs I have done regarding to you. Excuse me that I don`t understand your inner feelings with respect to me. Sometimes I am indifferent when you are sick at heart.

Mummy, mum… This word is so kind, sincere, bears so many memoirs, so much warmth and kindness. When you pronouns the word “mother”, your heart fills with wonderful, incomparable feeling, feeling of love to her, to her only. And even every person has his own mother, but there is nobody better in the world than my mother. Not only gratitude is in my heart, but there is Love also. Thisis the love which a child only has to his mother, unique, beautiful and clear. This is the love which can be in respect of one person, which is kept the whole life. This love will never leave my heart.

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Моя мама / My mother