Моя будущая жизнь / My future life

Now I am normal schoolboy. But I think that my future would not be bored.

First I want to receive secondary education in my school №7, City Bataisk.

After high school, I would like to study at university. My dream is to go to Don State Technical University. In 2020, I had received an engineering degree. I want to find work in their field. I am interested in medical equipment. I want to invent medical equipment, which can cure serious illnesses. And this is a very good idea for business.

A few years later I want to get education in economics. This is the foundation of any modern business.

I`ll begin my career as an ordinary employee.

But after a few years I want to create their own business. In the future I want to develop their business in different Directions.

But now all this is only in the plans!

And while I`m in school and dream about a beautiful future, I am sure that all my plans are fulfilled, and dreams will come true soon!

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Моя будущая жизнь / My future life