Моя будущая семья / My future family

There are different families: big and small, with both parents or with only one parent, with children or without them. Some families are happy, some are not.

As for me, I want to have a big family because I am the only child in my family. And though we are a close family sometimes I feel down sometimes because I have neither a brother nor a sister with whom I can share my teen`s secrets, go to the disco, ask for an advice and help them if they are in trouble.

I think in my future family there will be two pairs of twins. They will have the same inerests and won`t be bored together. They will be sporty, clever, friendly, helpful as we are. my mum and dad willlive with us too.

We`ll live in a big cottage with a flower garden at the front and a fruit garden at the back. All Together we`ll work there and have a rest on weekends with our chilldren`s and our friends.

We`ll have a car to show our children all the beauty of the world and make new friends during our travellings.

I also have a dream to take a child or even two from a children`s house. I`m sure my dream`ll come true, my husband won`t be against it because he`ll be very kind, careful and children-loving. like me.

I know we`ll be the happiesr family in the world.

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Моя будущая семья / My future family