Москва – столица России / Moscow is the capital of Russia

In my composition I would like to write about Moscow. Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is founded in 1147 years, but it became the capital in the 15th century. Moscow is situated in the centre of European Russia on the River Moskva. It is the first largest city with a population of more 10 million people. People are kind, sociable and more helpful.

Moscow is a large city. It has got many good aspects of a modern city. It has got 200 theatres, art galleries, concert halls and 80 museums, for example the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Bolshoy Theatre. 14 million people visit museums every year. Also our tram system Metropolitan is clean.

In Moscow there are a lot of things to do, visitors can, for example, walk in the parks, enjoy shopping. There are 100 parks and gardens, entertainment for children in Moscow, for example, Alexander Gardens, Moscow Zoo.

As for me I would like to visit Moscow, to walk in the parks and take many photos, buy some nice souvenirs for my parents. Also I would like to go to the cinema to watch a wonderful film. I hope so.

I`m proud of my great country!

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Москва – столица России / Moscow is the capital of Russia