Мой любимый фильм / My favorite film

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our life without cinema. Day by day it becomes more popular, and we can say without any doubts that it is one of the most popular kinds of entertainment. As for me, there is nothing like a good film which makes us sympathize to the main heroes, feel like they do, and think about our own life. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the sense from the first time; you can open a new side after another watch. But it is not always so, because today we have a lot of films which have no sense at all, that’s why it is absolutely useless to try to find anything deep in stupid fights, sex, drugs or supermen. We are so bored to watch how Americans again save our planet from some ridiculous disaster, or how Superman or James Bond fulfills one more Impossible mission. There is no relationship between their extra abilities and reality. In this sense Stephanie Meyer made her best to create the “Twilight” series. In her books, which became the base for shooting world known films, extra abilities mixed with human feelings, fantastic creatures mixed with common people harmoniously. She hasn’t just described the power and the fight between two contrary worlds of vampires and werewolves in which a human girl was involved, but put real human feelings into them, raised the problem of unshared love and impossibility of being together.

“Twilight” saga became my favorite film, because I found everything I want in it. Plot, heroes, action, feelings, good and talented actors, beautiful scenery, excellent Camera work – here are the components of the secret of such a great success. I must admit that before watching a film, I’ve readthe book and maybe that’s why the images were so colorful and exiting for me. But I think that millions of people who haven’t read the book and also enjoyed the film greatly is an obvious fact proving Meyer’s great talent. Since my first reading her book,

I’ve joined an army of her fans, and I’m awaiting of her every new book impatiently.

As for book, I was excited by the plot greatly. Bella Swan falls in love with a fantastically handsome guy Edward Cullen, who turns out to be a vampire. His greatest natural desire is to kill her and drink her blood, but his feelings don’t allow him to do it. Bella realizes Edward’s nature and her danger of being with him, but she can do nothing with her feelings. Bella’s best friend, Jacob Black turns out to be a werewolf, who is opposed to the vampires. Poor Jacob also loves Bella, but his love is unshared, and it is a great torture for him to see his beloved with his enemy. All feelings and emotions are described in details, and it creates a full picture in your mind while you’re reading.

In the end I would like to say once again that it is important to watch good films, which have sense and attitude for you, in which you can find something close to your own world. Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” series are my favorite films and books, and I’ll never lose my interest to them.

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Мой любимый фильм / My favorite film