Мой идеальный урок английского языка / My ideal lesson of English language

A student`s personal view.

The ideal lesson of English language – for everybody it means different things. But everybody agrees, that the lesson must be interesting because in any other way it`ll be not useful. But also a teacher of this lesson has to know all about it and needs to be interested in it.

At school I study English language. I like it. We study grammar, listen to recording, answer questions and do other work just like it. However I can`t say that it`s very interesting, or exciting. It`s OK and not more, because at our lesson of English language we do the same work every lesson. I mean that reading texts, answering questions of course is good – it`s useful, thanks to it we develop memory, attention and etc. But from time to time we should make some conversations. It`s so interesting! To use grammar, speak more or less quickly, understand the interlocutor – and the conversations between pupils are great. Of course at first it`s very difficult to remember the grammar rules and speak about something. When pupils begin studying English language the first question that they have is “How to speak?”

Then about teachers. Of course the teachers are just people like students. They can be tired because of their work, they can have a bad mood, they can have their favourite students or pupils etc. However I think that it`s not very polite to let their feelings show. I think that at school a teacher must be a teacher, but in their own free time teacher can be a person he or she would like to be, – but not at school. And if a teacher has got bad moodor he or she is tired – it`s not a reason to leave us alone with an English books. We need a person, that will help us, if we have some problems or something else. And about favourite students this is not very pleasant. But just think about it, you were working hard, you were preparing for English lesson and at the lesson you`d like to demonstrate your knowledge

and get a good mark and you`ll get it thanks to your hard work but the favourite student of your teacher will get the same good mark easily almost for nothing. In my mind it`s not fair.

Now about the literature that we use at the lesson. In most cases I think it`s old textbooks that were written by our Russian teachers of English. Maybe they are OK, but every language has got a possibility to change and English is no exception. Every time new words appear and life changes etc. Of course it`s difficult to follow these changes, sometimes it`s unreal, but we should follow it. Just imagine you are in England – you`d like to ask somebody about something and in your question you use a word that is not correct in this case. Of course, English people are polite and I think nobody will tell you that you are not right but I think you`ll agree with me that the feeling after this kind of communication will not be very pleasant for you.

So final words about the ideal lesson of English language: the lesson must be conducted by a really good teacher who uses up to date programmes and modern literature. Then it should be a lesson of real communication (speaking) which is necessary for all students.

Anastasia Briatseva (school pupil, Malachovka – centre, Moscow region).
The words and ideas in this article are purely my own. It does not represent City & Guilds in any way.

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Мой идеальный урок английского языка / My ideal lesson of English language